Burning Camphor - Significance!

As Per Astrology These are the Benefits Of Camphor

The daily worship that the Hindus perform includes a number of sacred items. It is believed that each of these has a religious significance in Hinduism. For example, the sandalwood paste that is worn as a tilak on the forehead keeps the wearer calm and relaxed, due to which he is able to concentrate well during the puja. Similarly, the sound and the vibrations of the bell keep negative energy at bay. Camphor, too, is one amongst these items. Today, we have brought to you the information about the various ways that camphor is used as a sacred item. Drives Away Negative Energies Camphor is often lit after the puja, during the aarti (the concluding prayer). It is believed that it drives away all the negative energy and the impurities from the environment. A Remedy For Kalsarpa Dosha/Pitra Dosha Because of some ill effects of the wrongly positioned stars or planets, as per the birth chart, some people suffer from the Kalsarpa Dosha, Pitra Dosha, etc. Camphor can help you pacify the planets responsible for these as well. Burn camphor dipped in ghee three times a day in the house. It will reduce the negative effects. Moreover, keeping a cube of camphor in the bathroom will also prove beneficial. Burning Camphor Pleases The Gods There is a belief that burning camphor at the time of sunset pleases the gods. The devotees get blessed with virtue and prosperity. Therefore, one must burn camphor during the evening prayers, so that negativity accumulated throughout the day goes away, and, the people in the house feel peace. Reduces The Chances Of Accidents Burning camphor reduces the chances of unexpected deaths, especially those due to accidents. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa everyday and burn camphor after it. If this is not possible, burn it everyday before going to bed. The chances of occurrence of an accident will reduce. burning camphor might prove helpful for you. Camphor is also believed to remove the harmful microorganisms from the environment. Camphor Helps One Get Richer Besides all these, camphor can even help you get richer. Take a rose and burn a small cube of camphor in it. Thereafter, offer the flower in the feet of Goddess Durga. Doing this consistently for 43 days helps in gaining wealth. Since the remedy is associated with Goddess Durga, it can also be done during the Navaratras. Camphor Removes The Vastu Dosha When the structure of the house or any building is not constructed as per the vastu, it leads to various problems in the personal as well as the professional lives of people. This is known as Vastu Dosha. It is believed that if you keep camphor in the room which has been constructed wrongly as per the vastu, it will help remove Vastu Dosha. Camphor Removes Other Doshas As Well From The Birth Chart Adding drops of camphor oil along with a few drops of jasmine oil to the water while bathing is really beneficial. Adopted on a Saturday, this remedy is believed to remove the negative effects of Rahu, Ketu and Shani Dosha (some of the common doshas in the birth chart). Camphor Helps Improve Relations Keeping two pieces of camphor in the corners of the room is believed to harmonise the relations between a couple. Hence, if often there are misunderstandings or arguments between them, this practise should be adopted as a remedy. Why Lord Rama Is Also Known As Maryada Purushottam Camphor Helps Reduce Excessive Expenses Sometimes, again because of the so positioning of the planets at the time of birth of an individual, the expenses in their life are huge and hence, there is the constant fear of depletion of wealth. To rectify this issue, burn camphor and cloves in a silver bowl in the kitchen after the evening meal. Do this every night after cleaning the kitchen.

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