Chakshu daan!

Chokkhudaan or Chakshudaan is the most crucial part while making Ma Durga's murti. It takes utmost devotion, dedication, and concentration to draw the eyes of Devi Durga. Before drawing the eyes, the artisans who do chakshu daan, have to follow certain rules. They eat vegetarian food cooked on wood fire in earthern pots. In the morning they go to the river for ritualistic bath and perform a small Puja and seek forgiveness in case any mistake is done or some fault occurs.

Chakshudaan (the drawing of eyes) of Durga is said to be symbolic of invoking life into Devi’s murti, hence the most difficult part. She comes into consciousness with the perfect drawing of the eyes, so no mistakes can be made. In presence of only the chief artisan, chokkhudaan or chakshudaan is performed in darkness using a dhibri or a candle.

Why in darkness? The answer lies in faith, the belief that this world is a Maya (illusion). In order to experience divinity, spirituality, & the selfless lo

of our Devi Devtas, we need to see everything the way they see. This is why no external light is allowed in the room & at that time the ritual is performed. It's believed that once we are doing everything the way Chakshudaan should be done, the world of Maya is eradicated. People would be able to see clearly that if anything is true, anything that really exists, it is the Ishvaras themselves and not this world of Maya.



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