🔥Encounter with the Mystic🔥

Here we'll come up with some deep seated questions that surface in devotees' minds and Gurudev's simple and meaningful insights into the phenomenon of life process.


Gurudev, We pray to God. We lead our life as per dharma. Then God should do whatever is required for us without asking, right?


A human being is born as a result of his sanchita, vanchita and aagami karma.

It is a traditional practice in our motherland to write as 'Janani Jenma Soukyanam'. The reason behind this being - a mother begets child as a result of her sins and good deeds in her previous birth.Same goes with her other relationships such as husband, mother, father etc.,

If we do 'Upasana' for a God or Goddess, it shall protect us from fatal mishappenings in life such as accidents, humiliation etc.,

As we get rid of our bad karma, our good karmas will increase as a result of which we experience good things/events in our life.

So, when Lord Brahma writes a person's fate that someone should face adversities throughout his life and die, the Gods we take up for Upasana, our kuladevatas and our soulful prayers, japas and tapas can definitely change our destiny and our course of life.

Therefore, if God has destined us to undergo crucifying situations in order to make us get rid of our bad karmas, he has also bestowed us with ways and means for resolving the same.

If we do japas and tapas and feel that we haven't felt any change or what we have desired for hasn't materialised, then the person who has been the primary reason(karthà) of his experiences should ask the God about what he really wants.

Anything we wish for can be received only if we ask for it.

It starts right from our birth. The new born child, as soon as it is born, cries and asks for its food. Let us say that the child has not cried. Then, how would the mother know that the child is crying?

Hence, we should ask what we desire for. Else, we would dissolve all bad karmas committed in the past life and would enjoy the fruits of good karma performed in this birth only in the next birth.

Even I too ask and receive what I want.I walk the path of Dharma. My chart is different and the life I live is totally contradictory to my natal birth chart.

So, when I do japas and tapas, I ask for biksha. You may even refer to Vedas and other itihasa and puranas. Even, the Rishis Vishwamitra and Brigadha conducted yagnas and had given aahuthis and have prayed to Lord Parameshwara through the element of Agni and have received their boons. They did not receive anything without asking.

When a desire of a human being is imprinted in his soul, then only the person will be able to receive it. So, in order to register one's wish in his soul, what needs done?

Let us say, 10 Pundits are conducting a yagna for a sick person. Why each one is asked to chant the mantra 10000 times? Why not a single person chant 108 times? Because, when the chanting is done 10000 times by 10 pundits, only one reaches the soul of the person for whom the yagna is being conducted.

For just a small thing as curing an illness needs 10000 times chanting by 10 persons, when someone desires something and keeps on chanting repeatedly, then the desire gets imprinted on one's soul and then it materialises in actual world. Ask and you shall get it.

Shastras say that a human being has 7 births. In every birth, he desires. He will be able to see that everything is illusion only in his 7th birth/Jenma and he attains moksha. A person dives into the ocean of illusions and experiences everything, say, craze for a mobile phone and using it just for 3 months. Only when he enjoys his desire does he abandon the desire. So, all maharishis including Vishwamitra does tapas and goes back to their human routine life for innumerable times. At the end, he abandons all his desires and attains the state of Rajarishi. So one should desire and enjoy the same and get rid of our every each and every karma.

Let us say, we desire, enjoy and abandon everything in this birth- even if it is 3rd or 4th birth, then too, we will attain mukthi even in this birth itself.

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