Lalitha Sahasranama Online session sharings🎊🎉 ( அனுபவப் பகிர்வுகள்)

Dear Madam,

Very happy and lucky to be part of this group wherein we are getting so much of spiritual inputs from Guruji through you.

When I look back and see the incidents of my life and connect the dots, I understand it's the divine plan to have Guruji's grace and accept me as one of his disciples.

Today's session of Lalita sahasranama parayana diksha was a wonderful experience. The way Guruji explained about different birds and the qualities we have to imbibe from is an indication of the divine mother Lalita.

Thanks to your efforts and dedication to have put in to see that such divine happenings and blessings do take place in each of us.

This is the first time I am actually sharing out my feelings to you. Normally I send out my gratitude always in my mind. Today Lalitambika pushed me to do it.

Will it possible to share the audio recording of Guruji sharing the information of Birds? Hope I am not pressuring too much.

Regards and God bless you.

Pavitra, HR Executive, Bangalore.

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