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😴 Keeping Cardamom Near Your Pillow Prevents Nightmares; Other Sleeping Hacks That You Must Follow For A Good Night Sleep💤💤.💤

The World around us is moving at a fast pace and today, even 24 hours are not sufficient to complete our chores. We struggle to maintain a balance between our crazy work schedules and demanding personal lives. In order to maintain the balance of both, we unknowingly disturb our sleep.

While on one hand, it is important to have eight-hour sleep every night, on the other hand, it is also important to have a good quality of sleep. If you are struggling and your sleeping habits are disturbed, then try keeping these things near your pillow.

Cardamom:Wrap some cardamom in cloth and keep it near your pillow to prevent nightmares and night terrors.Keeping your head in the south and leg in the north helps you get a better sleep and also makes all your dreams come true.Reciting soothing mantras before going to bed gives you a relaxed sleep.Fill up a copper vessel and keep it near your pillow, you can use it to water your plants in the morning.Never keep shoe rack, shoes or dustbin near your bed. Cluttered bedside increases the negativity in your house.

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