Mandhi Homam, the remedy for Pitru dosha/sabha

Who should perform Mandhi Homam?

Human beings undergo untold pain and suffering for which at times the reason cannot be traced clearly.

If you are experiencing similar situation, there is high possibility that you are suffering from Pitru dosha or Pitru sabha(curse).

Symptoms of Pitru dosha/Pitru Sabha:

  1. One or more family members suffer from skin related diseases or severe knee pain.

  2. Too many persistant hurdles in all walks of life say obstacles in getting jobs, getting married etc.,

  3. Atleast one family member in every generation always die of life threatening diseases, for example, cancer.

The science of Mandhi homam:

When you perform Mandhi homam, you come under the protection of Mandhi Bhagwan by invoking His presence to protect you from adversary effects of dosha.


This is once in a life time yagna and need not be performed repeatedly.

The participants can clearly witness themselves that all the major obstacles in their life are shattered, thereby, lot of positive and auspicious happenings occur in their family ensuring abundance in prosperity and wellbeing.


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