Mystic's magic wand of yagna!

Our beloved Guru weaves magic in the lives of people!

All his yagnas carry his unique signature style!

Devotees bask in explosion of energy during his homams as the divine cannot escape his soulful call for the Grace to descend💥💯

This offering from Rudhrakali Spiritual Centre is like opening a new chapter in the lives of devotees to explore presence of the Divine in their lives. These yagnas(homams) act as a window to the world beyond the perception of human senses.

These yagnas are carried out as a selfless offering and blessings by invoking the divine Grace in person by our Guruji, Shree Bhaskar Sharma and have a beneficial impact on the lives of the ones taking part in it.

Some of the most common personalized homams he has offered are Rudhrakali homam, Sudharshana homam, Shanishwar homam and mandhi homam (yagnas to ward off all kinds of planetary I'll effects) , Subramanya homam, kuladeiva punya homam etc.,

These homams are customised to suit the immediate and long term needs of the devotees.

Prasadham and powerful rakshai are shared with the yagna participants in person or via post which have their own powerful impact when smeared on forehead on regular basis.

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