Navakshari Thanthrik Subramanya Homa

Do you have long standing dispute in land related problems?

Real estate problems in personal life are a serious thorn-in-the-flesh menace, though agonising, it cannot be instantly resolved.

What if you have a possibly instant remedy that can act as a catalyst in your favor and fasten your land registration, construction, ancestral property court issues to closure?

Out of the 5 basic existential elements, anything offered to the element Agni during homas reach the Universal consciousness fastest because Agni is the purest form out of these five elements, thereby, transforms your unfavorable conditions to conducive life situations.

Navakshari Thanthrik Subramanya Homam is a unique offering from Rudrakali spiritual centre that has huge positive impact in creating favourable scenarios involving land related disputes within the family or major hindrances in acquisition of land.


To avail the service, please drop in your queries to our ashram's whatsapp number +91 85902 40278.

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