Rudhrakali Seva

Rudhrakali Seva is a rare opportunity to offer the Goddess a token of gratitude and seek more of her blessings in our daily lives.

You are invited to make your valuable contribution towards Rudhrakali Mutt Devi Seva activities.

Rudhrakali Vilakku Seva

Devi is being offered light lit with pure cold pressed gingelly oil on all days of the month. Your contribution can be token of offering of your seva for the Devi.

Rudhrakali Neiveidya Arpanam

Fruits are offered as Neiveidya to Devi during daily poojas. You can also contribute towards offering of Neiveidya.

Devi Mala Arpanam

Flowers/garlands are offered to Goddess thrice a day. Your contribution towards offering of mala is also possible.

Rudhrakali Homa Seva

The Pournami-Amavasya homa is a major monthly happening where we offer rare and powerful herbs during the pooja/homa for the wellbeing of humanity. Devotees are also given the opportunity of individual sankalpa for their family wellbeing.

Your participation and generous contribution will be of immense support to the Mutt.

Shivoham 🕉️🙏🔥 For participation in Rudhrakali Seva activities, please call/whatsapp +91-9176166101.


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